About me


I have always had an interest in photography but this had waned until January 2011 when I purchaed a new Nikon D7000. I was in between jobs and spending far too much time in my local hostelry. I changed the D7000 for a D800 when it was available in March 2012, as the D7000 was not dust sealed and I was forever having to removed spots or get the sensor cleaned. Since then I have had no problems with the D800 and have just (Jan 2015) updated this for the D810.

I was until Feb 2015 working in Mozambique for Anadarko as an electrical inspector, having spoent two months at home after a two year spell at Majnoon in Iraq for an American contracting company.

Having  some free time now I have managed to build myself a ‘Studio” in what was our junk room. Previously I used the spare bedroom for my computing needs, which was a little inconvenient when we had visitors.

I enjoyed my time in Mozambique and have a nice collection of images taken when the work permitted some time free.

For the first trip there, I did not take my Nikon D800, expecting to be there for only 28 days, instead I ended up spending eleven weeks in Mozambique on that first rotation. I got to travel a little bit, with a visit to Pemba for a visa and a trip to Maputo, the capital. All in all I spent about 18 months travelling back and forth to the north of the country.

After the first six monrths I found that the Nikon 28-300mm lens did not have enough reach! So I purchased a Sigma 50-500 with OS to enable me to photograph (with a little success) more of the elusive creatures of Mozambique.

Photography is an everlasting journey!

© Tony Davies 2016