2016 Cogitations


12th July

Two months since my last update, Doesn’t time fly.

I have uploaded a lot of photographs to the following albums this time.

Great Orme


Reptile & Insects

Music at the Kings Head

Macro Shots


Welsh Heritage

Family & Pets




and finally photographs from the 28th Conwy Bluegrass Festival

12th May

A lot has happenedsince the last update. 

On Tuesday afternoon I spent a very enjoyable couple of hours listening to bluegrass music in the Kings Head. The Britannia Bluegrass Band from Liverpool were playing and they were really good. I took a series of photographs during the performance which can be viewed here. In the interval Des, a local musician entertained us and there are a few photos here.

Gill (in the middle), one half of "Highly Strung", organised the event and is also organising this years;


 28th North Wales Bluegrass Festival - Conwy · 30th June - 3rd July 2016.

 I will be attending the festival and will have my camera with me throughout the weekend.

I have been to Chester with Keith on one of our monthly days out. 

I have also updated the Birds album with photographs from The Spinnies, Bangor and from walking around the Great Orme.

3rd May

Once again a lot of photographs have been uploaded to a variety of galleries.

Llandudno Extravaganza, Birds incl. Woodpecker, Family & Pets, Miscellaneous, Plants, Great Orme and Insects.

Mallard (Female).jpg

Amongst my recent photographs is this one of a female mallard at the side of the lagoon in the Spinnies Nature Reserve, Bangor. This image is of particular note in that I uploaded it to the Spinnies Flickr site and it gathered in all 5100 views and 142 faves.

The Spinnies is a very good place to visit for anyone interested in birds and/or photography. I have been going a least once a week recently and practicing tryng to capture Bitds in Flight (BiF). BiF must be one of the most difficuly things in photography to get right. I am slowly improving, but there is a long way to go yet.


Male Chaffinch in flight at the Spinnies, Bangor

31st March

A lot of photographs have been uploaded today as it has been so long since I last updated this website.

The following albums all have new content and the link will take you to the first of the latest images.

BirdsFamily & Pets, Goats, Sea Life, Haulfre Gardens, Conwy and of course not forgetting PnP’s.

Too much has happened in the intervening time since my last update to into detail, but suffice it to say that I am enjoying myself and that I seem to be improving in my photography.

26th January


We had our first goat kid of the year on 11th January, which is the earliest that anyone can remember.

Ali was the first to spot the new arrival, so I nipped out a few hours later and managed to get this shot from the roadway. The nanny knew I was there and kept a close watch on what I was up to. But I stayed well clear and used my 500mm lens so as not to disturb them too much.

Since then we know of another two that have been born, and I have seen two nannies keeping to themselves and very pregnant looking (see here for one photo) on my walks around Marine Drive. I also, on one of my walks, got a photo of a Stone Chat which is here.

On the 6th January myself and Keith Campbell went on our usual, first wednesday of the month days out To Chester this time, (photos here). The big find on this trip was a little pub called the Union Vaults which still has a bagatelle table. This was being used when we got there and the pub itself was very traditional with no food sales; just a good local boozer! This I have discovered is a ‘Northern Bagatelle’ table and the rules can be seen here.

 TMD6160 ver3.jpg

One of my resolutions for this year is to get myself fitter, and to the point where I can accompany Ali on some longer walks. It used to be that after about six miles I was just done in! My left knee and hip were really hurting. Now though, I can do the six miles with no problems. With this in mind I have been taking myself off in the car occasionally for a walk in the woods above Betws-y-Coed. 

There is an area which has Lichen in abundance, it grows on the trees and even the fence posts. I had always been told that Lichen was very slow growing, but I doubt the fence post above has been there much more than ten years. 

There is also an abandoned woodland house in this same area and I feel it is a real shame that it is now unoccupied and not cared for. The location is superb.

Finally, on Sunday I found myself in Liverpool to have the cracked screen on my iPhone replaced. I had an hour to spare before my appointment at the Apple Store so had a wander over to the Albert Dock and took a few photographs.

3rd January

We had our first longer walk with Gina (& Wilma) yesterday; along the beach at Conwy with Simon, Elaine and Louie.

Plenty of photo’s and two very tired dogs at the end of it. Made for a quiet evening.

1st January - HAPPY NEW YEAR to all,

I find that I am enjoying my photography as I get more proficient and I hope that this is reflected in the images that I post here from time to time.


This Kestrel is a very recent photograph, and it was taken from the footpath on Marine Drive looking over the wall towards the sea. For those that are interested it was taken using my 50 - 500mm Sigma lens at a speed of 1/500th sec, f6.3 and ISO 720.


The bird above is female and earlier on my walk I had managed to capture  the male at rest on a rock further around the Marine Drive. Note the grey head!

Both photographs were taken with the camera supported on a monopod as I find that this is easier than struggling to set up the tripod only to find that the bird has moved on during the time taken.

I have a busy time coming up! In the early part of this month, I will be going to Warrington for an RPS talk on the 10th. Previous to that. Conwy Camera Club starts the second half of its season.

I have also just bought a new (2nd Hand) photographic printer which I have to get working properly with nice papers and the profiles to suit.

I plan to find somwewhere to display the prints, but have no great ideas at the moment.

I also have to prepare for March, when I will be attending an RPS advisory day. This is a day when anyone aspiring to get an RPS distinction can take along their proposed set of prints and get advise on whether they are likely to meet the required standard.

Ali and dogs.jpg

On the home front, Gina and Poppy continue to give us lots of pleasure. Gina is growing up fast, although still a puppy. She is calming down now and can be taken on short walks. She still tries to take over in the evenings and gets very jealous and tries to dispose of Wilma when she can.

Poppy is, …. well, a cat,  and decides what she wants to do and does it.

I have been on numerous photographic walks on the odd days when the weather didn’t look too bad. I walked up to Aberllyn one day as I knew the stream would be in full flow and took this picture not far from the cottage.

Wooden Bridge.jpg

I have uploaded photos from my walks at Coed Felin Blwm and Aberllyn here in the Gwydyr gallery. Some of the images are a bit stylised as I have been experimenting, but I have uploaded the different versions for comparison.

There are a couple of new Poppy images here.

Finally on Wednesday next week, it being the first Wednesday in the month, myself and Keith will be having a day out somewhere (to be decided) for lunch.

So, all in all a busy time beckons, I do not miss work at all and am really enjoying my new found freedom. This Christmas was the first one I have spent at home in eight years and it was very nice. The weather could have been better of course, but I can’t complain as I managed to get out on many occasions and found that each time I made the effort then a photographic opportunity would present itself. I have returned to Coed Felin Blwm a few times now and will have to return again throughout the coming year to get the images I have in my mind of the location.

Happy New Year everyone.

© Tony Davies 2016